Discovery call

Your first step will be to schedule a discovery call with me so you can start your journey towards an optimised life. Cost is $49.00 minimum and determined after you submit the pre-call questionnaire. Call is risk-free and discounted from the Strategy call cost if you book one.

Ready to upsize your health? Schedule an appointment now and let’s get started.

Tech challenges getting in the way of your business productivity? Take advantage of my experience and familiarity with the major social media platforms and other engagement tools to help you get up to speed in the shortest time possible while keeping your efficiency high. Let’s talk!

Strategy Call

The next step after discovery on your journey. This hour long (or up to 90 minute long) session will be customised to bring you the solutions you need for your specific circumstances. Strategy calls can only be booked during or after Discovery calls.

Cost is $149.00 minimum and determined after Discovery Call is completed.

Accountability calls

 The best way to guarantee proper impact is through accountability calls made within a reasonable time frame after you have received your steps and actions forward in our strategy call. Don’t miss this opportunity to access the most benefits from this experience. Accountability calls can only be booked during or right after Strategy calls.

Cost for the accountability package is $100 for a 4 call package, and each call is 15 minutes minimum.


What I Do Best

Social media management

Let me help you get quickly set up with your social media accounts or guide you through engagement strategies. Handholding is my strength! Remember, customer engagement is key to growing your business. Let me guide you through it!

platforms/tools/tips for efficiency

I will show you how to maximise your efficiency in business and in life. I specialise in, but am not limited to: Convertkit (sequences and automations), Trello and other productivity tools.
Skip the learning curve!

love your body, love the earth

Some may call it nutrition consultation - I call it loving your body and being the kindest you for you. Let me also teach you true love for the earth with concrete action items to create a sustainable life and legacy. The sooner you get started, the better!

I would classify Ms Sankar in the top 10% of students with whom I have interacted in this capacity in terms of intelligence, work ethic, and creativity. I recommend her highly and without qualification.

G. Moore

Professor of Genetics

thanks for being so thorough and responsive! I would definitely use your services again if you’re up to it.


CEO, OMG Brand Story

You're my God given consultant


Health literacy advocate

You always go above and beyond the basics. You connect the dots. You “get it” and help others get there too.

1K1Day team

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