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These are products or services selected with care and attention that I use in my own journey of life and health, and they will help you achieve your goals. 
Disclosure: Affiliate links are present in the content below and I may receive commissions for purchases made through these links. I do not recommend products I do not use or would not trust - I take the privilege of this space very seriously.

The first recommendation: LastPass, a service that provides a secure vault for your passwords. I have witnessed the dangers of using passwords saved in your browsers and no longer do that. I use LastPass now. Start a LastPass account for your families, or get an upgraded package for dark web monitoring.

My second recommendation: Samcart makes it easy for anyone to earn passive coins for their passions. Click to listen to the webinar, (no strings), and then shoot me a message on my contact page if you want to talk to someone who is using it so you can get an insider perspective before you commit.


Check out my idea list on Amazon and also the three important supplements (below) to start on a journey you will not regret.
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Please do not use this information as a substitute for advice from a
functional medicine practitioner.
Work with me to learn more.

Vitamin D3

Magnesium Hydroxide


Apart from the supplements above, being kind to yourself and loving your body has to do with taking steps to ensure you examine all potential sources of dis-ease, a state that does not happen on its own unless genetically but still can be triggered by the things you eat or the environment in which you exist. Take good care of yourself. Love your body. Be the kindest you for you.

Health challenges can come from our environment. When was the last time you checked yours?

Consider whether the things you put on your skin are causing dis-ease and change that by using products that are safer.

My favourite sweetener aka replacement for sugar. It works for baked goods and for beverages.

Dr. William Davis, MD, has advocated the importance of organ meat in one’s diet. Testimonials on the ChrisBeatCancer page also confirm the amazing health benefits of this supplement. If you or a loved one has a health challenge, please do some research into these resources. Add a supplement that can save a life – be the kindest you for yourself or a loved one.

Water filtration is a must if the water quality where you live has a potential to create dis-ease. This filter is recommended as an easy option – you fill it from the top and your water filters by gravity into the bottom chamber. As with many products there are some negative reviews but the good news is customer service is responsive so contact them asap if there is a problem. This unit in particular has both fluoride filters and the standard black filters.

Despite the one star review by one Amazon, cancer survivor Ann Cooper mentions using a book by this author in her journey to heal pancreatic cancer without surgery. Check out her story on – unfortunately the link to the book she used appears to be broken.

Be the kindest you for the environment and use plastic free detergent. The earth thanks you in advance!

No tox life sounds like a good way to be kind to both the earth and to your body. I’m sold!


Visit our Trello Joy of Eating board which chronicles actual meals so you can be inspired by the details of my grain free life.

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