My Favourites

These are products or services selected with care and attention to be used in the journey of life and health to help you achieve your goals. 
Disclosure: Affiliate links are present in the content below and I may receive commissions for purchases made through these links. Products I recommend are those I use myself or that are highly recommended by persons whose judgment I trust - I take the privilege of this space very seriously.

The first recommendation: LastPass, a service that provides a secure vault for your passwords. I have witnessed the dangers of using passwords saved in your browsers and no longer do that. I use LastPass now. Start a LastPass account for your families, or get an upgraded package for dark web monitoring.

My second recommendation: Samcart makes it easy for anyone to earn passive coins for their passions. Click to listen to the webinar, (no strings), and then shoot me a message on my contact page so you can get an insider perspective and tips before you commit. 


Reading more books is always a good idea when you need to optimise your journey. Here are some book recommendations for you. Don’t just buy and keep them on a shelf, actually read them then implement the recommendations inside these – there are sure to be pearls of wisdom for you to apply or in the case of the children’s books, something to share with the young ones around you to create memories or instill wisdom to last a lifetime.  Why not try a free download of the Audible versions? It’s risk-free!  Just don’t be like me and forget to cancel if you do not want to keep your subscription!

Get wisdom from the Wizard of Ads in Magical Worlds..., and the "40 answers" (to any question) is one that comes from recommended by the Wizard himself. If you need to teach your child important financial concepts, check out Teach Your Child to Fish. Super advice on gut health by Dr. William Davis is given in the fourth recommendation - Super Gut. Lastly, if you know someone struggling with the big C, cancer, and they do not yet have a copy of Dr. Clark's book, it will be a great gift.