About ME


The short version: I like to think if people chose kindness, I mean, really chose it, instead of paying lip service to it, they would do things differently for their bodies, and for the earth (and by earth I do also mean other people who live on earth) and thus, the tag line: Be the kindest you.

I am an eternal student of all things related to life and have learnt many things through the expertise of others and my own experience. I am also a natural problem-solver, always looking for a way to fix something and trying to see if that way works. I learn a lot by doing. This is my space to share what I can.


My story

As a child, my favourite pastime was reading. I didn’t speak out much but the few times I did, I know it had a great impact because I chose my content carefully. (I was curating even back then.) In today’s world, I am a scientist, who is unable to ignore the evidence, both anecdotal and otherwise, that says most people in the world can have better health through simple strategies. As a believer, I am compelled to do what I can to share my knowledge.


I firmly believe God places you in situations to gift you with learning so if you are here, be prepared to receive. You’ve heard of living your best life. I think there are too many people not living their best health because they followed the standard recommended diet.


I’m naturally shy but very passionate about sharing my knowledge to help others improve their lives, which is why I was compelled to create this space to share what I know.

I can provide support to anyone who needs and is ready for guidance to finally implement simple incremental changes that can have a lasting impact in the creation of health and well-being. As a multi-passionate individual, I have many gifts to share not just those related to health. Dive in and see how I can help you or email me to let me know if there is something you think I can help you with that is not on here. I’m creating a guide to help you be the kindest you for your health. I’ve decided to call it Take Back Your Health. Sign up now to join the waitlist for Take Back Your Health!

01. Sharing health

I’m excited to share my passion for this new (to you) way of eating that has changed the lives of thousands. Schedule a Discovery call today and come Work With Me to get going on a journey to health.

02. Sharing skills

I am happy to share my skills with persons who need basic support with online forms, a social media page set up and other such tasks that can be challenging to those who are new to the virtual world.

03. Experience-driven

Most important of all, I will share my experience so you can benefit from what I have learned about  eating for health, dealing with tinies (I have a truckload of nieces/nephews!) and living sustainably. Schedule a Discovery call with me today. Let’s get started!

I would classify Ms Sankar in the top 10% of students with whom I have interacted in this capacity in terms of intelligence, work ethic, and creativity. I recommend her highly and without qualification.

G. Moore

Professor of Genetics

thanks for being so thorough and responsive! I would definitely use your services again if you’re up to it.


CEO, OMG Brand Story

You’re my God given consultant


Health literacy advocate

You always go above and beyond the basics. You connect the dots. You “get it” and help others get there too.

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