Eat this!

But what will I eat?

Sound familiar? This is the most consistent question I get from people who express some level of interest in eating to avoid dis-ease.
I am developing a guide with direct links to purchase to make it easy for you.
These are all things I know are consistent with feeling your best or that I have specifically used and currently use. All the images are clickable. Visit my original blog post for more items.


Seven Sundays cereal

Seven Sundays: Rise & Shine mix

I am so loving the easy breakfast option that is Seven Sundays cereal. It’s grainfree and healthy. Full disclosure: this is an affiliate link which means I may get compensated if you click – so thanks in advance if you click! Want a link to share? Here you go:

Larabar minis

Any chocolate Larabar snack!

If you are like me and still like to snack, this one is for you. Actually there are other Larabar chocolate versions, and they are all tasty, hency the title. It’s too bad the packaging is not sustainable, so I try not to get this too often, but it is delicious!

Seven Sundays: Early Riser

Unlike the Rise and Shine mix, this one has added sugar, which I do not like, but it is not a lot of sugar, so I guess they thought it would be ok. Honestly though, I only bought this because it is a chocolate flavour, it is not as tasty as the Rise & Shine overall.

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